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Present:   Chris Bell, Clive Bell,  Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks,  Mike Howe, Tony Hulme, Rob Lewis, Steve Longworth,  Pete Stridgeon, John Wiseman,   Apologies:

 Andy Dunhill, Andy Hird,  Dave Wood

Main points of discussion

Chairman’s Remarks:

Darren commented that the AGM had been successful although not everything had turned out as expected and there were one or two points to learn from.

Darren asked that the AGM minutes be amended to specifically state that that the increase in club fees would be from £25 to £30 for a single member and from £40 to £50 for joint membership.

The AGM minutes will be sent out with What’s On

Darren wished to thank Karen and Dave for putting on the food and creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere fell running meet.

Minutes of the last meeting held on 12.1.2015, minutes of the AGM  &matters arising

Minutes were agreed.

Dave Hicks pointed out that he was shown as both present and presenting apologies at the AGM-minutes to be amended to show him as present only.

FMC Calendar Review / outstanding actions

Darren is to complete the update of the factsheets for the committee and the huts.

Walking syllabus is complete and climbing syllabus nearly complete –Clive reported that the proofs are back from the printers.

The dates have been set for the Winter social programme and Steve is currently finding appropriate people for the events.

Committee dinner is in hand.

Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report

Social Secretary’s Report

John was thanked for his efforts with this year’s photo competition. John added that he has sent the results out to all participants. He has been asked to run the event again next year.

The committee meal was discussed. Darren thought that a new venue would be appropriate as we had already had two meals at the old venue. He thought that we needed to avoid Spring Bank holiday. The meal was likely to be in mid-April.

The invitations for the annual dinner were discussed. It would be possible to send out an invitation with the syllabus but a personal invitation by letter could prove more effective. A decision needed to be taken as to when the most effective time for this invitation to be made was. The dinner could be separately advertised in What’s On.

Booking Secretary’s Report

Dave Hicks reported that in 2015 only two weekends were free. There were also a decent number of whole week bookings. He was catching up on outstanding payments for 2014 – there were four at present. Transition from Andy and Liz is on track with no business lost.

Treasurer’s Report

Mike stated that the balance as of today was £13027.31. He mentioned that the auditor’s report referred to receipts from Stair not being in on time. There were no issues other than too much money being left in the safe at times. Electricity has now been changed to a cheaper option. The excess charges from EON have been refunded – about £700.

Membership Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report

Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report

Chris reported the  kitchen ceiling repairs are going ahead

Smoke detectors will be installed as result of fire risk assessment but no need for carbon monoxide detectors as there are no real fires.

The water heater has been repaired; the toilets were blocked but Keith has cleared the blockage. Derek Smith has left a message saying that the taps are in pieces.

Stair Hut Custodian’s Report

Andy e-mailed that he hadn’t been to the hut for a few weeks but it was left in a good state after the working weekend a few weeks ago. Chris This. has informed Andy that there is a problem with the electrical socket in the main room which seems to get overloaded he will get an electrician to replace it and also to put another socket in the main room.

Information has been sent to Chris Bell about porch floor covering but this is not being acted on yet as Tony Hulme is looking at fitting a new threshold first. Andy wants Tony to look at the threshold on the new exit door from the gents dorm which is lifting up.

Andy will be visiting and emptying the safe on the next weekend.

What’s OnEditor’s Report

What’s On is out at the end of April.

Newsletter Editor’s Report

Newsletter report is deferred.

Syllabus Discussion:

Winter meets – Scottish meet in February TBC –Chris Bell


Darren stated that Roy Turner has made an aluminium print of the view from the hut window at Stair. He would like it to be hung in the hut and has approached the committee to ask for agreement. Darren stated that he had followed all the correct protocols. The committee voted unanimously in favour of the picture being hung at Stair. John felt that some pictures that were up were now outdated and should come down.

Darren stated that he had run a successful CIC meet for a number of years but had not always been able to attend the event. He is prepared to continue to organise the event / be meet coordinator but not book a place on the meet. Mike added that Darren had always run the meet and had paid whether he had attended or not.

Mike stated that Dave Earle has the club library and that the books need to be available to club members.

Date of Next Meeting:  11 May, 2015

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