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Present:   Chris Bell, Clive Bell, Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks,  Mike Howe, Rob Lewis, Steve Longworth,  Roy Turner, John Wiseman,   Apologies:

 Martin Dale, Andy Dunhill, Andy Hird, Tony Hulme, Pete Stridgeon, Dave Wood

Main points of discussion

Chairman’s Remarks:

Darren welcomed Roy to the committee where he will take on the role of newsletter editor.

Minutes of the last meeting held on 23.3.2015, &matters arising

Minutes were agreed.

FMC Calendar Review / outstanding actions

Darren is to issue the revised committee calendar to the committee.

AGM minutes have been distributed

Rob is to ensure that the AGM minutes and up to date committee minutes are placed on the website.

Dave Hicks is to review outside booking fees for 2017 in line with inflation.

Committee dinner will be on Thursday 21 May.

Secretary’s Report

Rob had received the annual BMC report and brought it to the meeting for committee members to examine.

An e-mail has been received from Kevan Ebbrell stating that the all legal processes regarding Little Langdale have now been completed.

Social Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report.

The committee meal was booked at the Hand and Dagger in Salwick , 7 for 7.30pm on 21 May.

Booking Secretary’s Report

Dave Hicks reported that there was £800 to bank. £3296 had been taken up to the end of April and only three weekends up to the end of the year were not booked. There was only one outstanding debt-Preston Wheelers from February 28. Of 50 available weekends, 22 are already booked for next year. Dave stated that the website calendar needs sorting out and Steve Longworth added that the link was not working properly. The problem needs to be escalated to Dave Ball. Darren stated that the calendar in the Gmail account is working but not transferring to the main website. Dave is to e-mail Dave Ball to explain the issue.

Treasurer’s Report

Mike stated that the balance as of today was £14584. There is £800 to pay in from Dave Hicks. There have been requests from both rating authorities to supply them with information but nothing has come of it. British Gas is now on their third attempt to put Mike’s address in their system.

Membership Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report

Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report

Smoke detectors are  being installed.

The ceiling will be repaired at the next working weekend.

Actions have been lifted out of the fire risk report  -the fire alarm is being upgraded to mains and instructions have been given to Faulkners. There is an ongoing action to keep the fire exit clear of weed growth.

Andy and Kevan have been up to look at the boundary. Some rubbish has been deposited in the back garden. Keith Gaskell has retired and is moving out of the cottage and so is no longer on hand.

Darren is to upgrade the factsheet with plumbing and electrical contacts for Langdale.

As there will be no woodburner there is a need to organise purchase of a new fire. Mike is to send information on fires to Andy.

Steve commented that escape routes were on the checklist and Chris stated that these are always checked on the working weekend.

Chris is to update the hut information.

Stair Hut Custodian’s Report

Andy said he’dbeen over on the weekend and things are generally in order.

He does plan to find an electrician to do a few jobs – replace the night store heater by the fire exit in the main dorm; put at least one new socket in the main room; repair the outside light over the car park; replace one of the light fittings in the kitchen which is damaged plus any other electrical jobs that come to mind or the Committee can think of.

Andy thinks the new cooker seems to be well liked so he’d like to change the other hob for a ceramic one as they are much more efficient.

He has noticed that the base of the new fire door from the main gents’ dorm is buckling upwards and some of the mortar underneath it has dropped off. He feels Tony needs to look at this.

The lock on the front door has been difficult to close as the door appears to have dropped a little on its hinges so he has filed down the slot it goes in on the frame and it’s now working.

The Fire Risk Assessmentfor Stair compiled by Andy Dunhill was discussed.

Chris stated that we could make a case for a fire door in the kitchen with a cost of £700-800, but that there was a means of escape. Dave Hicks stated that the report asked us to consider upgrading the door so we had to consider it.

Ease of exit / entry at night is identified as an issue. Currently the fire exits are locked. Darren thought that the sneck was a problem and that you have to lock the doors. Mike asked what ironmongery needed to be on the doors –he felt that we needed to find an appropriate solution.

Taking the key out of the front door at night is a problem if a quick exit is required. Dave Hicks thought that changing the sill and installing an electronic keypad would solve all the problems. John felt that until then we could put a key on a chain near the door.  Chris felt that there needed to be emergency lighting.

Darren noted that the actions needed to be extracted from the report.

He felt that the internal doors do not need to be fire-rated.

We do need to check the emergency exits and to ensure that the emergency lighting is adequate.  We also need an unobstructed means of exit.

The action agreed is to provide a metal box with a glass front containing a key next to the front door in both huts.

A fire advice sheet is to be sent out with booking forms.

The risk assessment is to be revised and updated to incorporate the decisions taken.

Rob is to e-mail Andy with the decisions taken by the committee.

What’s OnEditor’s Report

What’s On is out.

Newsletter Editor’s Report

Roy handed out some very professional proofs of the next edition of the magazine.

Roy wants an inclusive style with clear identification of who is at meets.

The deadline for the magazine is late June.

Syllabus Discussion:



Rob to e-mail Dave Earle who has the club library in order to obtain a list of the books available to club members.

Rob suggested a contribution to the Nepalese disaster fund from the FMC. The committee agreed that a contribution of £100 should be made.

Date of Next Meeting:  27 July, 2015

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