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Present:   Clive Bell, Chris Bell, Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks, Andy Hird, Mike Howe, Tony Hulme, Rob Lewis, Pete Stridgeon, Roy Turner Apologies:

  Andy Dunhill






Main points of discussion
Chairman’s Remarks:


Darren would like to note the success of the dinner and formally thank Steve for his efforts. He noted the positive comments received from Dorothy Jowett and felt that the whole event had been a resounding success. Mike suggested that there could be a survey of members and Rob thought that an opportune time might be after the next dinner in the Lakes. Darren thought that the momentum from this event might cause more people to want to attend a diner in the Lakes.

He felt that a key point was the availability of reasonably priced accommodation and stated that this was the first dinner for many, or the first in a long while.  Andy Hird thought that it was important that many people were able to go home after the dinner. Martin felt that once club members were all gathered together the atmosphere was just the same as in the Lakes.



Minutes of the last meeting held on 02.11.2015 & matters arising


Minutes were agreed.


FMC Calendar Review / outstanding actions


BMC hut insurance is renewed

Calendar review is due soon

Hut custodians are to produce annual reviews and accounts

Members have been advised about the AGM

Most officers’ reports are in

John Hickman has a draft of accounts – Mike to give further papers to him

The agenda for the AGM has been compiled

The BMC subscription is in hand

Roy has volunteered to make new rule signs for huts – Darren would like proprietary signs. John is to inform members through What’s On about change of rules.


Secretary’s Report


Rob had received an e-mail from Caroline about ‘vaping’ in the huts. The committee agreed that this should not take place.


BMC club membership renewal documents had arrived and been passed on to Mike.


An e-mail had been received from Richard Toon with BMC clubs’ committee news.


Andy Dunhill had e-mailed about hut overnight rates for members.


Steve Longworth has written resigning from his position as Social Secretary.




Social Secretary’s Report


In Steve’s absence, tributes were paid to his effectiveness as Social Secretary. Darren thought that Steve had left a lasting legacy and Dave Hicks felt that he had set high standards. Darren asked Tony to consider filling the role and Martin stated that he would have help. Darren felt that any new permanent appointment needed to be transparent. Tony was asked to think about taking up the role.




Booking Secretary’s Report


Dave has had five cancellations – three of these claimed that they had only ‘pencilled in’ a tentative booking. After discussion a new policy was decided on by the committee of a deposit being paid and followed by full payment in advance two weeks before each booking.




Treasurer’s Report


Mike stated that the balance as of today was £20,493. A £2100 affiliation fee needs to be paid shortly. this year had been better financially than last year and we have a slightly larger surplus. The accounts are ready for audit. Mike is awaiting an outstanding payment from Park School and Dave has e-mailed them. Last year we overpaid our electricity; this is now paid back. overall it s an improving picture.

Membership Secretary’s Report


It was accepted by the committee that Dave had set the bar high and that he looked at numerous methods of recruitment. However, he will be out of the country increasingly and will not wish to fall below his own standards. Dave Hicks thought that we needed to concentrate on getting more structure in place over the next year and that we could ask Dave to focus on this before he finally departs from the role.


Discussion took place about Katie and Michael Roberts whose full membership had been called into question. It transpired that they thought that they were full members and had to retreat from an assertive position and some unfortunate comments made on Face book. The members do meet the criteria for full membership having been to ten meets, albeit all family meets. Martin wondered if they could find their way over the hill in all weathers. Darren felt that they did meet the criteria for full membership but that this did open up a discussion about what the criteria should be. Dave Hicks thought that there was no case for rejection but that we did need to look at the family meet issues at another meeting. A vote was taken accepting the two provisional members as full members.




Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


A lot of work had been done . There were no water issues despite the Brathay being flooded. New light fittings had been placed in the toilets and a new plug -in fire put in place. There was a good turn out on the W/WE.


Chris This has flagged up that he thought that someone was staying in the huts and not paying – we are checking for this.


There has been an analysis of usage in 2015


Mike stated that the old firm collecting the bins were charging but not collecting. Cumbria waste is now doing the job but we still need to obtain a refund.




Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Andy has engaged Whitbeck electrical contractors who will do the work ASAP. A key has been supplied.


Andy has checked that there are no obstructions to the fire escapes but notes that members need to keep escape routes clear.


The plumber has replaced the lever to turn the water on and off and sorted out the taps in the kitchen.


The screed on the porch floor is deteriorating and will need to be repaired. Andy suggested we replace whole flooring throughout the cottage.


W/WE 16 January will be mainly cleaning.



What’s On Editor’s Report


What’s On is out via Mike. John will send out the next one.


Magazine Editor’s Report


Roy wants photos / articles ASAP (by end of week)


Syllabus Discussion:







Andy Dunhill brought up a question about overnight rates for members. His suggestions were discussed but not taken up.



Date of Next Meeting:  TBA at AGM