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Present:   Clive Bell, Chris Bell, Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks, Rebecca Hicks, Andy Hird, Mike Howe, Tony Hulme, Jo Leadbetter, Rob Lewis,  Roy Turner, John Wiseman, Dave Wood Apologies:


  Andy Dunhill,






Main points of discussion
Chairman’s Remarks:


Darren welcomed Rebecca and Jo to the committee.

Darren requested that John send out the AGM minutes with the next What’s On. Rob is to send these minutes to John.



Minutes of the last meeting held on 02.11.2015 & matters arising


Minutes were agreed.


FMC Calendar Review / outstanding actions

Suspended for this meeting


Secretary’s Report


Suspended for this meeting


Social Secretary’s Report


Suspended for this meeting



Booking Secretary’s Report


. Suspended for this meeting




Treasurer’s Report


Suspended for this meeting

Membership Secretary’s Report


Dave is advertising the club in the Local List with a circulation of 20000 people at a cost of £162 plus VAT. Dave is looking into whether we need to declare our medical details in case of issues in the mountains and has a book as guide. Dave H said that the BMC do a course.

Dave has revised the letter regarding introductory membership in order to eliminate problems. The question was brought up about members who remain at introductory status.



Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


Suspended for this meeting



Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Suspended for this meeting


What’s On Editor’s Report


Suspended for this meeting

Magazine Editor’s Report


Suspended for this meeting

Syllabus Discussion:


Darren proposed thorough validation of the syllabus.


Changes agreed during the meeting:


Dave Wood volunteered for the intro meet in May


John made the point that a hut should be available to members during the good weather in June. Subsequently, on June 4 a hut is to be made available for club activities  and the hut to hut is to be rested. Mikala is to be offered the 18 June at Langdale.


Tony volunteered to lead the high crags meet on 11 June.


A hut will be available for members on 18 and 25 June.


On 25 June, the Raft Race is to be resurrected at Langdale


John volunteered  to lead the Llanberis meet on 2 July.


On 9 July Martin is taking charge of the Vags swap.


Dave Hicks will lead the intro meet on 16 July.


Langdale W/We is on 23 July -There will also be a trip to the SW by Andy D


13 August is W/We at Stair


20 August is Ben Glas,  Loch Lomond, camping


Bank holiday weekend is to be a Stair based event.


10 September is the Oread swap


17 September – High Crags Langdale meet deleted- hut available for members


1 October is Langdale intro meet


8 October – outside booking available at Langdale, family meet at Stair. Dave Hicks will organise Hot Rock in Kalymnos


12 November -photography weekend -Roy


Fell race to be led by Dave Hicks.


26 November – dinner -Stair available for members.


3 December -Ladies’ meet at Stair.


The general consensus was that there should be an ice meet. Dave will try to organise it. Darren suggested an alpine Winter meet.










 There was some discussion about the development of the website. Dave and Roy thought that they needed a password from Dave Ball and that the booking calendar needed to be available

as well as the blog. Dave Hicks is to set up a skype session with Dave Ball. Rob and Roy pointed out that BMC grants were  available for website development and Roy suggested being a website editor.


The committee meal will take place at the Hand and Dagger at Salwick.


The locks have been changed at Stair


Date of Next Meeting:  4 April, 2016