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Present:   Clive Bell, Chris Bell, Martin Dale, Darren Hartley, Dave Hicks, Rebecca Hicks,  Mike Howe, Tony Hulme, Jo Leadbetter, Rob Lewis,  Roy Turner, John Wiseman Apologies:


  Andy Dunhill, Andy Hird ,  Dave Wood






Main points of discussion
Chairman’s Remarks:


Darren noted that we had spent the last meeting organising the syllabus and wanted to thank everyone who had contributed, particularly Clive.


John thought that we spent too much time organising family meets and that we should, in future, agree hut availability for them well in advance. Darren commented that the points made by e-mail had been valid. Dave Hicks wanted the meeting to consider how much it cost the club to keep a hut free and John noted that caving meets took place concurrently  with family meets. Clive felt that a frustration was that once family meets were placed on the calendar, requests came at a later date for different weeks. He also stated that this year, it had been impossible to deal with outstanding syllabus problems by e-mail.  John felt that we needed to communicate to the club, as a committee, how we organise hut bookings. Darren stated that we would agree standards and expectations for family meets and that we needed to act early to propose dates for next year’s syllabus and family meets. He also noted that some Welsh meets were back to back this year and we needed to plan early to avoid this happening. Dave Hicks commented that the problem was the contacts in the different clubs and Martin added that the Welsh meets were all swaps. Mike felt that the organisers of family meets needed to get dates for meets in by the end of the year for the following year.


Darren thanked Roy for putting the handbook together- he felt that Roy had made a fantastic effort with the booklet.


Roy wanted to make a few points:


On 10 September Tony and Becky had volunteered to lead Rhyd Ddu.

Roy wanted members to use the website as a portal rather than Face book.

The ‘void’ in January will be filled by further meets.

The CIC meet is 6 March 2017

The Syllabus is now going to print.


Minutes of the last meeting held on 07.03.2016 & matters arising


Minutes were agreed.


FMC Calendar Review / outstanding actions

Distribution of AGM minutes is in hand.

Dates are set for the Winter social programme.

Booking of the venue for the Winter social programme and the AGM is to be confirmed.

Menu choices for the committee dinner need to be made ASAP

Distribute meet and evening syllabus – these are nearly complete.



Secretary’s Report


Rob reported that the Club’s membership receipt had been received from the BMC and passed on to Mike.


Rob was concerned that the new website had no space for committee content and that he was unable to post minutes on the website for members to refer to. Roy responded by stating that it was difficult for Dave Ball to make the necessary changes as he was some distance away in Cockermouth and it was not easy to have clear conversations about requirements. He felt that it would be helpful to have someone with similar skills to Dave closer to hand who would be keen to develop the site and suggested the title ‘Website Coordinator’ for this person. The committee recognised  how much work had  been done by Dave Ball and how invaluable his expertise had been. Darren commented that Dave had given ongoing service and support for many years and Roy stated that he had done us a big favour. Mike thought that we should recognise Dave’s efforts in a letter and this was agreed by the committee. Rob will draft a letter.

Roy stated that Dave is delighted that we have found someone who is familiar with the software and prepared to develop the website further and so Steve Clarke is given the position of Website Coordinator. Dave Hicks noted that we should now be able to fix the problem of not being able to update the software.

Roy is to report back to the committee at the next meeting regarding progress with website. He stated that the home page should be a news page.


Rob has been asked to update the agenda document to include a website development report.




Social Secretary’s Report


The committee meal has been organised.


The date of the next club dinner has been changed.


John wondered if the photo competition might revert to the use of a judge next year.


Rob volunteered to organise a mountaineering quiz night and asked Roy if he would help.




Booking Secretary’s Report


New process is excellent – there are even payments in for June. Over £10,000 so far this year.



Treasurer’s Report


The balance was £21, 271 as of yesterday. The work at Stair is costing several hundred pounds. A significant number of deposits are in – over £1000. Mike is on holiday at the end of the week – John has access to the bank. The BMC are no longer involved in insurance, we now deal directly with Perkins Slade.


Membership Secretary’s Report


Nothing to report.



Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report


Mike stated that the bins are not being emptied. Andy is to resolve this issue.



Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Mike reported that some rain was coming in. Tony will look at problem with the door. Andy D has made various suggestions about this including the construction of an external porch.


What’s On Editor’s Report


What’s On is due out at the end of the month.



Magazine Editor’s Report


Roy wants articles for the magazine. he is actively encouraging meet leaders to write them!



Syllabus Discussion:


Martin is making swift progress with the evening climbing syllabus and the walking syllabus has been sent to Martin to align with climbing.










Date of Next Meeting:  23 May, 2016