Minutes of the 66th Annual General Meeting, 24 February, 2016

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Fylde Mountaineering Club

Minutes of the 66th Annual General Meeting

24 February, 2016

Held at The Town Hall, Poulton


The following members signed in:

Darren Hartley, Mike Howe, Rob Lewis, Karen Hicks, Dave Hicks, Matt Reed, Martin Dale, Joanne Leadbetter, Chris Bell, Peter Stridgeon, Terry Robinson, Stephen Clark, Rebecca Hicks, Christine Fry, Tony Hulme, John Hickman, John Wiseman, June Wiseman, Roy Turner, Barrie Crook, Kevan Ebbrell, Derrick Smith, Andy Hird, Eddie Hird, Alan Bell, Les Ward,  Alan Lovett, Angela Lovett, Cherry Earle, Pat Bennett, Gillian Llewellyn, Peter Llewellyn, Clive Bell, Leanne Marie Sutton, Hal Rzadkiewicz, David Wood, Tom Knowles, Don Nichol,  George James, Pete Roscoe, Sue Denmark, John Denmark,  Jenny Tolley, Dave Earle, Liz Rawcliffe, Andy Holland.

Apologies for absence:

Michael Penn, Pamela Ruthven, Barbara Senior, Andy Dunhill, Mark Harding, Caroline Webb, Dave Ward, Paul Taylor, Steve Longworth, Chris Thistlethwaite, Dorothy Jowett, Liz Hird, Rachel Bell, Mark Bowden, Christine Moylan, Mark Lambert, Andy Chambers, John Bailey, Jen Bailey, Claire Addy, Bob Killen, Dorothy Jowett, George Parker.

Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 2015 AGM

There were no matters arising and the minutes were accepted.


Chairman’s Report

Darren gave a warm welcome to members to the 66th AGM of the FMC and thanked everyone for making the effort to attend. He noted that we had another healthy attendance.

Darren reflected on the last year’s events and felt that training on navigation could also be targeted in future. The meeting was asked for views about navigation training and the committee were asked to develop this and make it available to members.

Darren noted that the year had been hugely successful thanks to the efforts of the meet coordinators, and that there had been some very successful meets. He mentioned the success of the Scottish meets in Kintail and Braemar in particular. He stated that  the  dinner at The Villa in Wrea Green had been heralded as a great success with many members attending for the first time or for the first time for many years. He hoped that members would continue to support this important event in the club calendar when it reverted to the Skiddaw Hotel in Keswick next year.  He thanked Steve Longworth for his efforts with the dinner and for making the event such a  success. Steve has now resigned from his position as Social Secretary.

Darren stated that membership continues to fluctuate between 160-180. Dave Wood has made great efforts to recruit new members and has promoted the club using cards and posters in climbing shops and at walls.

He revealed that the club is in a healthy financial position with a balance of around £18000, however, we will need to replace the Stair roof at some point which will be costly. Both huts have been maintained regardless of expense and Darren thanked the hut wardens.

Darren gave thanks to Roy for producing two excellent editions of the new club magazine and he was delighted with the new club website which has been significantly remodelled, with only a few new adaptations still to be made.  Darren thanked Dave Ball for his work as webmaster and Dave Wood and Roy for their assistance in getting the new website up and running.

Darren  felt that we were trying to make the syllabus more innovative with new events such as the trip to Ullapool. He felt that we were always looking for volunteers to lead events.


Officers’ Reports

The Secretary’s Report, the Treasurer’s Report, the Membership Secretary’s Report, the Booking Secretary’s Report, the Social Secretary’s Report, the Magazine Editor’s Report, the Stair and Langdale Hut Custodian’s Reports and the What’s On Editor’s Report were all accepted by the meeting. Jenny Tolley commented that the Secretary’s Report was interesting and Dave Hicks noted that the What’s On report was brief.

Motions Which Require a Vote:

There were  no motions which required a vote.



The following Officers were elected:


Position Applicant Proposer Seconder
Chairman Darren Hartley Dave Hicks Martin Dale
Vice-Chairman Clive Bell Andy Hird Les Ward
Secretary Rob Lewis Chris Bell Roy Turner
Treasurer Mike Howe Christine Fry Joanne Leadbetter
Booking Secretary Dave Hicks Tony Hulme Karen Hicks
Membership Secretary David Wood Martin Dale Matt Reed
Stair Hut Custodian Andy Dunhill Rob Lewis John Wiseman
Langdale Hut Custodian Andy Hird Mike Howe Jenny Tolley
Social Secretary Tony Hulme Andy Hird Martin Dale
Newsletter Editor Roy Turner Rob Lewis Christine Fry
What’s On Editor John Wiseman Tony Hulme Chris Bell
Webmaster Dave Ball Roy Turner Dave Earle
Auditor John Hickman Tony Hulme Joanne Leadbetter


The following committee members were elected:


Applicant Proposer Seconder
Martin Dale Christine Fry Tony Hulme
Chris Bell Rob Lewis Joanne Leadbetter
Rebecca Hicks Karen Hicks Tony Hulme
Joanne Leadbetter Martin Dale Dave Wood


Future Club Policy:

June Wiseman asked  if the key for the CIC hut was still available. Darren replied that this had been trialled for twelve months but had not been viable. The cost of about £250 had not been thought worthwhile as the weather had prevented extensive use of the key.

Barrie raised the issue of social membership and asked what would the rights and privileges of a social member be. Darren stated that this was still under discussion in committee led by Mike and John. John added that the original idea came from the floor during the previous AGM as a member had knowledge of a social membership in another club entitling the social member, for a fee of five pounds, to pay guest rate at the huts, to attend social events but not to be insured for activities on the hills. Darren added that we were still exploring the full possibilities and that we were taking advice from the BMC. Dave Hicks suggested interested members could write to the committee with their ideas and Roy thought that we might send a questionnaire out with the syllabus. Mike added that he knew of two club members who had dropped out during the last year as they were no longer active on the hill, but that they could have remained with the club had social membership been available. Dave Earle stated that we needed to pursue our own policies independently and not be reliant on the BMC but Darren replied that the BMC was not dictating to us and that we had formulated a reasonable proposal for the next committee meeting. Derrick Smith suggested that members who had been with the club for over fifty years should be excused from further subscriptions. Darren concluded this discussion stating that it had been a healthy exchange of views and that this issue will be looked at further in committee. Mike Howe then stated that we may need to make a rule change if we implement this change.

Christine Fry was interested in the descriptions of posts on committee and wanted access to them. Darren stated that the documents were available with role descriptions and that they should be on the website. Roy thought that drawing attention to them on the website might stimulate interest in the posts. Rob added that if anyone was having difficulty obtaining these then just send an e-mail to him with a request for the job descriptions.

Next week keyless locks are being fitted at Stair. In reply to a question from Martin, Tony assured the meeting that any new door would be easily interchangeable with the old one. There will be a code for members and different codes for guest parties.

Hal suggested T-shirts and tops with the club name on to wear at the climbing wall. The meeting endorsed this idea. Rob stated that he had mentioned this idea a number of times in committee.

Dave Hicks will send out sheets for people to sign up to navigation and self-rescue courses.

When asked if the BMC gave grant aid to courses, Martin stated that they ran their own courses. Dave Wood referred to the CPR course run by the Fylde Coast. He stated that we need to know what our objectives are for a course like that and that perhaps  we needed to design an app to bring key thoughts to mind. Andy Holland suggested courses which offer good value for money such as those run by ITC Outdoor and St. John’s Ambulance. Christine suggested that we could cascade course information to other members but Dave Hicks commented that we were not licensed for training.

Any Other Business

Clive is trying to complete the syllabus and would like any new ideas. John Hickman suggested the CC hut at Bosigran.


The meeting was called to a close at 21.47p.m.


Post AGM


A meeting of the new committee will take place on 7 March, 2016

Minutes are currently unapproved

Minutes compiled by Rob Lewis