Committee Meeting Minutes – 016-6 – 7th Nov 2016

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Present:   Chris Bell, Clive Bell, Steve Clark, Martin Dale,  Darren Hartley, Mike Howe, Dave Hicks,  Rebecca Hicks Tony Hulme, Jo Leadbetter,  Rob Lewis,  Roy Turner, Andy Hird,  John Wiseman, Dave Wood   Apologies:

 Andy Dunhill, Dave Wood






Main points of discussion
Chairman’s Remarks:


Darren stated that he had no particular chairman’s remarks for this meeting.




Minutes of the last meeting held on 25.7.2016, & matters arising


Minutes were accepted.


FMC Calendar Review / outstanding actions

The AGM and committee minutes are almost complete on the website – Rob to provide Steve with any minutes that are currently not on the website

The AGM date has been set for next year

The meet syllabus is being compiled – Dave Hicks is to arrange hut swaps

The dinner notification and booking form has been sent out.

Andy has now completed all actions for the Stair Fire Risk Assessment




Social Secretary’s Report


Tony reported that there were 53 confirmed bookings for the dinner which is about average for

Dinners in the Lakes. There were 96 attendees at last year’s dinner on the Fylde.


Tony has obtained free Cotswold vouchers as prizes for the quiz- Cotswold would like promotion of their company in return.


In January Gary Richardson will present time-lapse photography in the Lakes


February is potentially Phoebe Smith or Andy Holland.


Booking Secretary’s Report


An issue has arisen over the booking of hut places by families with children, and Dave has received a request to book two families into a hut including a family who are not members. Dave has taken the view that as they would have over half the hut there would be privacy issues and not everyone would feel comfortable with so many children in the hut, as well as there being safeguarding issues. There is no policy to cover this problem.

Darren asked what was appropriate in terms of number of guests / member-there are no guidelines at present. John thought that members could take three guests. Chris thought that there was an issue with some members and guests just looking for cheap accommodation in the Lakes rather than using the huts as bases for mountaineering. Rob thought that it was inappropriate to have very young children in the huts and Drew noted that there were child protection issues.

Issues identified are the ratio of members to guests and safeguarding.

Jo thought that if members wanted to use the hut in this way then it would be better if they booked the whole hut and John commented that children are the responsibility of parents and that members and guests with children have to fit in with other members.

Darren felt that we needed to revise and update the hut rules to specify the number of guests which could be taken by each member. Dave H thought that if guests are repeatedly invited then they should become members and that we needed to tackle the problem head on and say what our policy is. Darren stated that some people were trying to use the hut as a caravan.

Darren thought that a 1:2 ratio would eliminate the problem; he thought that most families were aware of the wider wishes of the club.


Treasurer’s Report


Balance is £27896

This is the best balance that we have accrued at this time of year but have not yet paid insurance or BMC. The low figure for the year is £18300. There is a successful new strategy of £50 deposits for bookings. All the subs are in apart from Andy Cronshaw and Bernard Skiterall –there are163 members including the two not paid.

Insurance values for the huts have been increased by 3.7% and 2018 hut fees increased by 3%. Drew has taken meter readings.


Membership Secretary’s Report


David Wilson from Fleetwood was introduced to membership post meeting.




Stair Hut Custodian’s Report


Andy has put bigger mats in the showers to prevent slippage and has suggested to Mike that wooden bases such as those used on yachts might be effective.


Andy further commented on the children in huts issue and stated that there should be provision for children to have the use of a toilet and shower exclusively for themselves and their parents. He felt that this might limit numbers on meets  but that this need not be a problem.


Andy wanted the guidelines regarding inappropriate language to include racist and homophobic references as well as swearing.




Langdale Hut Custodian’s Report



What’s On Editor’s Report


Thanks to Mike for getting What’s On out up to end of December.

Magazine Editor’s Report


Magazine is on website –new reports for end of year please for inclusion in the next magazine.


Syllabus Discussion:


To be a dedicated meeting.


Website Development


The private side is now complete but there is no public access yet. Can be sent out in text form to committee. Committee to try website and feed back to Steve at next meeting.

Roy asked if there was any value in joining the FMC at Gmail which Woody has. Steve has a form on the website which comes as an e-mail to the membership and links to the membership secretary and is setting this up at present. Darren felt that we needed to be experimental and review what works and what doesn’t.






Rob mentioned that former member Dave Westby had been in hospital again if any friends would like to get in touch.

Woody has asked Roy to make a poster for wall printed on aluminium which liiks professional and costs £35.


Date of next Meeting: 9 January , 2017