FMC Committee Meeting 7.11.16- Outstanding Action Report.

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FMC Committee Meeting 7.11.16- Outstanding Action Report.




013/2/3 Fire risk assessments for  Stair Andy D
Stair –


Andy has completed fire risk assessments for Stair and is preparing a word-processed document.






014/1/8 Assemble costings for new Stair roof Andy / Tony
Andy reported that to build a new roof to exceed building regulations with a deluxe replacement would cost £15840.

Andy has spoken to John Mather the rep. and will get three pricings. Chris also has a pricing at about £13600


Tony has suggested doing work in-house; this needs to be given further consideration. He is looking at different compounds such as Firestone rubber.


Unless leakage occurs, replacement deferred until Spring 2017


On hold








014 / 7 /1 Investigate social as opposed to active membership John /Mike

Wording for a motion to change the rules to allow a different category of membership has been put in place by John. The purpose is to allow longstanding members who are no longer active to continue socially with the club at a lower cost.  Associate Membership has been chosen as the membership category term. There is also a proposal to allow discretionary reductions in costs for new members.

The  EGM will take place as part  of the  social in November. John and Mike will champion this. Passed at EGM.





015/1/2 Revise /update factsheets Darren
Factsheets are updated – need to be printed / laminated and put up in huts. To be e-mailed to Andy D. These are printed but need updating.
Factsheets are laminated and available at Stair. Need to be made available at Langdale. Complete



015/1/4 Investigate group size and costs for navigation training Dave H
Plas –y –Brenin. One course of 8 for navigation. Similarly, another course of 8 for self-rescue.. Discussed at AGM. Dave H is asking for interested members to sign up so that courses can be arranged. Dave is organising Navigation training first and one later for first aid. Dave H suggested members might choose BMC courses. Ongoing / Approved by committee








015/2/10 Telephone Dave Earle to ask for a list of the club’s books so that a more active lending scheme can be set up. Done. Roy has also been in touch with Dave re feature in Magazine-he has a handwritten list of about two hundred books –Roy will include an opinion piece from Dave in the next magazine. Supplement with a full listing will appear in members’ area on new website. Ongoing until members only area available on website.  Roy





016/2/1 Resolve the bin emptying problem at Langdale Andy H/Mike
Andy has resolved the issue. Complete


016/2/2 Roy to inform Rob when a letter to Dave Ball should be sent. Rob to write letter of thanks. Roy/ Rob


016/2/3 Roy to communicate with Steve to instruct him to do whatever is necessary to establish his own webspace. Roy


016/3/1 Rob to notify members of EGM by 1 October and send out agenda for meeting.


016/3/2 Mike to inform Andy about slipping mat in shower at Stair which is a safety issue. Andy  has acted to remedy this.


016/3/3 Rob to re-send document about children in huts to committee.