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Members attending:

Darren Hartley, Mike Howe, Rob Lewis, John Wiseman, Dave Earle, Martin Bennett, Andy Hird, Peter Roscoe, Jo Leadbetter, Don Nichol, Cherry Earle, Ian Evans, Mark Harding, Dave Hicks, Karen Hicks, Rebecca Hicks, Simon Fenna, Martin Dale, Roy Turner, Tony Hulme, Christine Fry, Les Ward, Eddie Hird, Kevan Ebbrell, Clive Bell, Christine Moylan, Phil Caley, John Wiseman, Anthony Jackson, John Hickman, Claire Addy

Apologies for absence:

Barrie Crook, Liz Hird


Darren, as Chairman, confirmed that the meeting was quorate and explained the two rule changes and why the committee thought that they were necessary.

The first proposal  voted on was the establishment of a new category of associate members within the FMC.

Proposal. One:

That there shall be an additional rule to allow the FMC to have associate members:rule 3.10

This was proposed by Dave Hicks and seconded by Dave Earle. After brief discussion, a vote was taken and the proposal was carried unanimously.

Darren then discussed the guidelines for associate membership which are detailed below, which provide a lower cost way for long standing members to continue their association with the FMCrather than resign due to inactivity.

Appendix 2… Associate members


Associate membership would be open to anyone who has been a long standing member (more

than 20 years in total) of the FMC and who no longer participates in mountaineering activities.

Applications would be considered by the committee.


  1. They will be associate members of the FMC and not declared to the BMC as club members.

They will not be entitled to any BMC benefits, that is, BMC third party liability insurance, the Summit

Magazine or a BMC membership / discount card.

  1. They must accept responsibility for their own actions and agree not to instigate claims for

misadventure against the FMC

  1. They will pay a reduced membership subscription of £10 a year.
  2. They will be entitled to hut access and stay in the huts paying members rates.
  3. They will be entitled to attend club social events including the annual dinner.
  4. They will not participate in any club mountaineering activity. However they will be able to join in

the social element, for example, they could not enter the fell race but could attend the follow up meal.

  1. They cannot hold an official position – committee member, trustee etc.
  2. They will be entitled to vote at any AGM / EGM.
  3. They will receive all club communications – general postings and emails, What’s On and the

FMC Magazine.

10.They will have the right to revert to full membership upon payment of the appropriate fee.

11.They will otherwise be subject to all other club rules.

The guidelines were discussed by the meeting. Peter Roscoe thought that there was a contradiction between points 7 and 8 and that a member with over twenty years mountaineering experience should be allowed to hold office. An example could be a member with a disability who was still able to support the club but not be active. Mike Howe responded by saying that for BMC affiliation we needed to be covered by insurance. Darren stated that in the spirit of what we were trying to achieve, we needed to leave the rules as they were and that we could explore Peter’s point at a later date. Jo Leadbetter thought that we has examined the legal implications of what we were intending. John Wiseman considered that anyone would be foolish to be a trustee unless they had insurance cover. John Hickman wanted to know if all trustees have been members and Darren responded that they have. Andy Hird stated that, as a trustee, his legal liabilities were covered by the BMC. John Hickman wondered if we were offering cheap membership and use of the huts to those who were no longer members. Mike responded that this was not costing the club a great deal once the BMC affiliation fee was removed and that we had recently lost three members who were no longer active.Claire Addy wondered if there might be a problem if people using the huts did not have liability insurance. John Hickman proposed that Associate Members pay guest rates and go to the huts in the company of full members, but this proposal was not seconded.

Proposal Two, to accept Appendix 2 was proposed by John Wiseman and seconded by Jo Leadbetter.

The proposal was carried unanimously.



The second set of rule changes to be voted on would make membership more attractive for prospective new members. Darren explained the proposed rule changes to the meeting and that the committee had been discussing ways of attracting new members to the club. Among other initiatives they had been suggesting reducing the membership fees for new introductory members, limited to one year per person.   This strategy could not be implemented without changing the club rules.

Two changes were proposed:


  1. Rule 5.1  It is proposed that  the first sentence of this rule is removed.


(There shall be an entrance fee for new members)


This was proposed by Martin Dale and seconded by Roy Turner. The proposal was carried unanimously.


  1. It is proposed that there is a new Rule 5.6

The committee shall have the power to offer new introductory members a reduced subscription. This reduction is for one year per applicant only.


John Hickman wanted clarification that a discretionary power was being given to the committee. Mike Howe stated that the committee needed the power to offer a discount on full membership, and that it should be a committee decision. Peter Roscoe wanted to simplify the wording.


The proposal was made by Dave Wood and seconded by Dave Hicks. It was carried unanimously.


Darren thanked everyone for their attendance and brought the meeting to a close.