Dates, where shown, are of the first edition. Most of ours are later editions


High Adventure Edmund Hillary (1955)
Nothing Venture, Nothing Win Edmund Hillary (1975)
The Ascent of Everest John Hunt (1954)
South Col: One Man’s Adventure on the Ascent of Everest 1953 Wilfrid Noyce (1954)
The Story of Everest 1921-1952 W H Murray (1953)
Man of Everest James Ramsey Ullman (1955)
Tourist’s Guide to the Kashmir, Ladakh, Scardo Major Arthur Neve (1923)
Epic of Mount Everest Sir Francis Younghusband (1926)
After Everest T. Howard Somervell (1936)
Everest 1933 Hugh Ruttledge (1933)
Upon That Mountain Eric Shipton (1943)
Four Against Everest Woodrow W Sayre (1964)
Kanchenjunga Challenge 1929 & 1931 expeditions Paul Bauer (1955)
Seven Years in Tibet Heinrich Harrer (1952 source of the 1997 film of the same name)
Conquistadors of the Useless Lionel Terray (1961)
K2, Savage Mountain Charlie Houston & Bob Bates (1955)
Makalu Dr Jean Franco (1955)
Annapurna Maurice Herzog (1952)
Annapurna South Face Chris Bonington (1971)
Everest the Hard Way Chris Bonington (1976)
I chose to Climb Chris Bonington (1966)
The Seventh Grade – Most Extreme Climbing Reinhold Messner (1974)
Savage Arena Joe Tasker (1982)
More Than Mountains John Jackson (1955)
Memoirs of a Mountaineer Freddy Spencer Chapman (1938)
Scottish Himalayan Expedition (1951) Bill (W.H.) Murray
The Ascent of Nanda Devi Bill (H.W.) Tilman (1937)
Tents in The Clouds Monica Jackson & Elizabeth Stark (1956)
Valley of Flowers Frank Smythe (1938)
The Mountain Scene Frank Smythe (1937)
East of Katmandu Tom Weir (1955)
Short Walk in the Hindu Kush Eric Newby (1958)


The Glaciers of the Alps John Tyndall (1861)
Alps in 1864 Volume 2 A. W. Moore (reprinted 1939 from 1867 original journal)
My Climbs in the Alps & Caucasus Albert (W F) Mummery (1895)
The Valley of Zermatt and The Matterhorn – a guide Edward Whymper (1897)
The Playground of Europe Leslie Stephen (1909)
Recollections of an Old Mountaineer Walter Larden (1910)
Mountaincraft Geoffrey Winthrop Young (1920)
Mountains with a Difference Geoffrey Winthrop Young (1951)
On High Hills: Memories of The Alps Geoffrey Winthrop Young (1927)
Alpine Pilgrimage Dr Julius Kugy (1934 )
The Mountain Scene Frank Smythe (1937)
Alpine Ways Frank Smythe (1942)
Ten Great Mountains R L G Irving (1940)
Brenva (Mont Blanc) T Graham Brown (1944)
The Delectable Mountains Douglas Busk (1946)
Swiss Life & Landscape Emil Egli (1949)
First on the Rope Roger Frison-Roche (novel -1949)
Zermatt and the Valais Arnold Lunn (1955)
Avalanche Joseph Wechsber (1958)
Eiger Direct Peter Gillman & Dougal Haston (1966)


Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada Clarence King (1902)
Snow on The Equator Bill (H.W.) Tilman (1937)
Approach to the Hills Charles Francis Meade (1948)
Mountains of Tartary Eric Shipton (1953)
Climb to the Lost World Hamish MacInnes (1974) (1973 filming expedition to Guyana)
The Puma’s Claw: A Mountaineering Expedition to Peru Simon Clark (1959)
The White Desert – Antarctic John Schjelderup Giaever (1952) (Norwegian, British, Swedish wintering party 49-52)
Camps and Climbs in Arctic Norway Tom Weir (1954)
Arctic Adventure Clara Coltman Vivyan (1961)
Space Below My Feet Gwen Moffat (1961)
Forbidden Journey, Peking to Kashmir Ella K Maillart (1937)


Lake Counties Arthur Mee (editor) (‘The King’s England’ 1961 edition)
Lakeland Mountain Diary A Harry Griffin (1990)
Inside the Real Lakeland A Harry Griffin (1961)
British Hills and Mountains J.H.B. Bell & others (1944)
Yorkshire Pennines W Riley (1934)
The Highland Clearances John Prebble (1963)
The Cairngorm Hills of Scotland Seton Gordon (1925)
On Ski in the Cairngorms Valdemar Axel Firsoff (1965)
Tramping in Arran Tom S. Hall (editions: 1927 – 1960 )
The Western Isles Alasdair Alpin MacGregor (1949)
Heath, Track and Road A Muir
Lancashire Plain and Seaboard Herbert C Collins (1953)


Mountaineering Tom Peacocke (Sportsman’s Library series 1941, 3rd ed 1953)
Let’s Go Climbing Colin Kirkus (1946)
Mountain Photography C Douglas Milner (1946)
Where to Climb in the British Isles Ted (E.C.) Pyatt (1959)
Advanced Rockcraft Royal Robbins (1973)
Island of Skye SMC Guide
Southern Highlands SMC Guide
The Northern Highlands SMC Guide
Scottish Climbs Vols 1 and 2 Hamish MacInnes (1971)
Rock Clinbing in the Peak District Paul Nunn (1975)
Rock Climbing in Wales Ron James (1970)
Exploring Long Distance Footpaths A.A. guide
Various issues of ‘Mountain World’ 1950s – 1960s
Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills Harvey Manning (editor) (1960)
Mountaineering Lonsdale Library Volume XVIII ed: Sydney Spencer
Famous Caverns & Grottoes (1890) ed: W.H. Davenport Adams

This is the LATER SECTION of the collection and isn’t classified. Bibliophiles please note that dates, where shown, are of the first edition. Most of ours are later editions

Mountain Jubilee Arnold Henry Moore Lunn (1943)
My Climbs in the Alps & Caucasus W F (Albert) Mummery (1895)
Odd Corners in Yorkshire Dales W.T. Palmer (1946)
I Bought a Mountain Thomas Firbank (1940)
On Foot in The Peak Patrick Monkhouse (1932)
Long Days in The Hills A Harry Griffin (1974)
Lifetime of Mountains A Harry Griffin (2005)
Francis Younghusband: Explorer & Mystic George Sheaver (1952)
The Enchanted Mountains: A Quest in The Pyrenees Robin Fedden (1962)
The Owl and The Crag Rat An anthology of climbing poetry (2004)
The Foundations of Climbing Showell Styles (1966)
Ascent of F6 a play by W.H. Auden & Christopher Isherwood (1936) Funeral Blues, also known as Stop all the Clocks, is now best known for its recitation in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral
A Scrapbook of Snowdonia Vernon Hall (1982)
Lakeland’s Pioneer Rock Climbers Herbert & Mary Jackson (1980)
An Alternative Guide to British Rock Climbing Gill Fawcett (1988)
Kamet Conquered Frank Smythe (1932)
The Springs of Enchantment: Climbing & Exploration in Patagonia John Earle (1981)
Man of Everest: Autobiography of Tenzing Norgay with James Ramsey Ullman (1955)
Modern Snow and Ice Techniques Bill March (1973)
Everest the Hard Way (1976) Chris Bonington
Peaks and Lamas Marco Pallis (1942)
Rock Climbing and Mountaineering Carl K. Brunning (1946)
Scholar Mountaineers Wilfrid Noyce (1950)
Alpine Ways Frank Smythe (1942)
To the Farthest Ends of the Earth Ian Cameron (1980)
Rock for Climbing C. Douglas Milner (1950)
Climbing School John Barry (1988)
Alone to Everest Earl Denman (1954)
Aconcagua South Face René Ferlet and Guy Poulet (1956)
Ascent of K2 Ardito Desio (1955)
Naga Parbat Karl Maria Herrligkoffer (1954)
The Quest for Adventure Chris Bonington (1981)
Mountains of the World John Cleare (1997)
Great Climbs: A Celebration of World Mountaineering Chris Bonington (1994)
Collins Guide to Mountains & Mountaineering John Cleare (1979)
Our Everest Aventure John Hunt (1954)
Mountain Photography C. Douglas Milner (1946)
The Edge: 100 Years of Scottish Mountaineering Cameron McNeish & Richard Else (1994)
The Ultimate Mountains Tom Weir (1953)
The Road to Rakaposhi George Band (1955)
Kanchenjunga Challenge Paul Bauer (1955)
Spirits of The Air/Summits & Secrets/The Endless Knot Kurt Diemberger (Omnibus Edition 1998)
British Crags & Climbers Edward C.Pyatt and Wilfrid Noyce (1952)
The Ascent of Yerupaja John Sack (1952)
British Mountaineers Frank Smythe (1942)
The Age of Mountaineering James Ramsey Ullman (1941)
Exploring the Lake District 100 Years ago Stuart D Ludlum (1985)
On Foot in the Highlands Ernest A. Baker (1932)
Mountains of Youth Arnold Henry Moore Lunn (1925)
The Alps Arnold Henry Moore Lunn (1914)
The Atlas Mountains: A Walker’s Guide Karl Smith (1989)
Crag Guide to England & Wales David Jones (1997)
Rondoy: An Expedition to the Peruvian Andes David Wall (1965)
High Time Louise Hillary (1973)
Wilderness Cameron McNeish & Richard Else (1997)
The Duke of the Abruzzi Mirella Tenderini (1997)
My Quest for the Yeti: Confronting the Himalayas’ Deepest Mystery Rienhold Messner (1998)Nothing Venture, Nothing Win
Escape from Lucania David Roberts (2002)
Tibet’s Secret Mountain: The Triumph of Sepu Kangri Chris Bonington & Charles Clarke
Beyond the Ranges Hamish MacInnes (1984)
Climb to the Lost World Hamish MacInnes (1974)
Sagarmatha National Park, Everest General Guide
Scott & Amundsen: Last Place on Earth Roland Huntford (1979)
Mountaineering – Manual for Teachers & Instructors D.T. Roscoe (1976)
Encyclopeadia of Mountaineering Walt Unsworth (1975)
Kongur: China’s Elusive Summit Chris Bonington (1982)
Nothing Venture, Nothing Win Edmund Hillary (1975)
The Death Zone Matt Dickinson (1997)
Everest – the Testing Place John B. West MD (1985)
The Ascent of Nanda Devi Bill Tilman (1937)
Nanda Devi Eric Shipton (1936)
K2: Savage Mountain, Savage Summer John Barry (1987)
The Great Climbing Adventure John Barry (1985)
Because It Is There George Lowe (1959)
Summit Fever Andrew Greig (1985)
International Rescue Handbook Hamish MacInnes (1972)
Alpine Points of View Kev Reynolds (Cicerone editor) (2004)
Americans on Everest Mark Lambert
Last Climb: George Mallory on Everest David Breashears & Audrey Salkeld (1999)
Holding The Heights: A Rock Climbing Diary Richard Sale & Jon Bassindale (1987)
The High Alps: Natural History of Snow and Ice Alfred Tutton (1931)
The Way to the Mountains of the Moon (Africa) Rennie Bere (1966)
The Climbers: A History of Mountaineering Chris Bonington (1992)
Souvenirs from High Places: A History of Mountaineering Photography Joe Bensen (1998)
South Col: One Man’s Adventure on the Ascent of Everest 1953 Wilfrid Noyce (1954)
The Coldest Climb: The Winter Ascent of Mt. McKinley Art Davidson (1970)
Everest Exposed George Band (2005)
Mountain Hazards Kevin Walker (1988)
Regions of the Heart: The Triumph & Tragedy of Alison Hargreaves David Rose & Ed Douglas (1998)
Mountaineering T. A. H. Peacock
Avalanches and Snow Safety Colin Fraser (1978)
No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World’s 14 Highest Peaks Ed Viesturs with David Roberts (2006)
Climber and Fellwalker in the Lakes Frank Monkhouse & Joe Williams (1972)
Climber’s Guide to the Interior Ranges of British Columbia William Putnam & William Lowell (1971)
Hut Hopping in the Austrian Alps William E. Reifsnyder (1973)
A Climber’s Guide to Helsby Crags Martin Lee (1950) this is probably 1964 revision
Mountaineering diverse authors
Various Magazines: Climbers Club, National Geographic, Mountain, Rucksack Club etc
Climbing & Trekking Guides: eg Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro, La Pedriza, Pireneo Central, Majorca, Ibeza, Tenerife, Malaga, Greece Trekking Calanques & Joshua Tree guides and old rock guides to Buttermere & Scafell etc
Exploring New Zealand. Map and guide pack