After two years of pandemic induced disruption, this year the club has set the members a fun challenge for 2022 – the FMC Revival.  There are two categories open to the members, fell summits and rock climbs. You can elect to participate in both, either or none, the choice is yours!

For each category, a list of either 10 summits or 10 rock climbs has been compiled. The challenge is to complete 5 out of the 10 during the year.

To take part:

  • Download the list(s) below
  • Complete 5 out of the 10 summits or rock climbs during 2022.
  • Mark up your list
  • Submit your entry to the committee no later than 31st October 2022 by:
  • Photos of any ascents are welcomed

All completed entries for each category will receive 2 free nights in a club hut and will be entered into a draw at the FMC Annual Dinner with the chance to win £25 of Needle Sport vouchers and the FMC Challenge Cup.