Our closest rock – Denham Quarry.

Over the summer season, mid-April to mid-September, the FMC arranges evening climbing meets at local crags in Lancashire, Yorkshire and the South Lakes. Meets are a mixture of Trad, Sport & Bouldering meets.

The day of the week varies (Tues, Wed, Thurs) throughout the season to allow people with various commitments to attend and to avoid any clashes with the evening walking meets.

The meets are weather dependant and may change at short notice. Members are encouraged to join our WhatsApp group to follow updates in the days/hours before the planned meet. Contact Martin Dale or Steve Clark (webmaster@fyldemc.org) to join the group.

2021 Evening Meets

Thu 15th April 3pm2045TrowbarrowWoodlands
Beer garden only
Closes at 9pm
Tue 20th April6pm2100DenhamRed Lion, Wheelton
Beer garden only
Thu 29th April6pm2115Wilton 3TBC – Beer garden only
Tue 4th May6pm2130Windy Clough (Bouldering)TBC – Beer garden only
Thu 6th May6pm2145AnglezarkeRed Lion – Beer garden only
Tue 11th May6pm2200Crag FootWoodlands
19th May6pm2215Wilton 1 (Trad + Bouldering)Black Dog, Belmont
27th May6pm2225Troy Quarry (Trad + Bouldering)Dog Inn
Tue 1st June6pm2230NogarthTBC
Wed 9th June6pm2230Egerton Flag
Thu 17th June6pm2240Scout ScarTBC
Tue 22nd June 6pm2240Attermire (Sport) TBC
Wed 30th June6pm2240Widdop (Trad + Bouldering) TBC
Thu 8th July6pm2230Humphrey Head (Sport) TBC
Tues 13th July6pm2225WitchesTBC
Wed 21st July 6pm2215BridestonesTBC
Thu 29th July6pm2200WinewallTBC
Tue 3rd Aug6pm2145Warton MainMalt Shovel
Wed 11th Aug 6pm2130Round BarnTBC
Thu 19th Aug6pm2115Silverdale SportWoodlands
Tues 24th Aug6pm2100WiltonBlack Dog, Belmont
Wed 1st Sept6pm2045TrowbarrowWoodlands
Thu 9th Sept6pm2025LongridgeTBC
Tues 14th Sept6pm2000Denham (Curry Meet)Red Lion, Wheelton

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