Message from the Chairman

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As I write this Karen and I are on day 10 of our 14-day self-isolation following our trip to Belgium and France. Good neighbours and family have made sure that we everything we need, and, in all honesty, it has not been particularly difficult.

In these times of ever changing Covid-19 rules, guidance, and advice, the committee have spent a lot of time deliberating on what our official line needs to be as a club. There are a number of contradictions which is not helpful but our general feeling is that as a club we must behave responsibly in order to keep everyone safe however we also want to encourage members to stay active and enjoy the therapeutic results we get from undertaking our chosen activities in the outdoors.

Therefore, it was greed that day walks and climbing meets can proceed providing the BMC protocol for meet planning is followed, these include; group size limits, group briefing, logging member contact details, social distancing and formal risk assessment (see ) Covid-19 Restarting Club Meets. Note that the ‘Rule of Six’ does not apply to groups that are constituted under the BMC guidelines (see above BMC website link – ‘Update on 10th September’). Some small events have gone ahead recently and the above process has been applied without any difficulty.

For indoor climbing wall meets the climbing wall venues have the responsibility to put in place the safe practices and to monitor these and therefore we are comfortable for indoor meets to go ahead for groups of up to 6 people.

We have also felt a need to adapt the club’s policy regarding hut use due to the recent local changes that have been introduced and may still be across different parts of the country. The move to regional Covid regulations means a single ‘blanket’ rule covering hut occupancy no longer works. People from Lancashire are currently not allowed to mix indoors with people outside their household, but this does not necessarily apply to people from other areas of the country. We therefore need to make it clear that people booking the huts are responsible for ensuring they comply with BOTH their own local restrictions AND the restrictions currently applying in the Lake District.

Can I ask all members to visit the FMC website as this is where the up to date club policies are and also where the calendar of activities is to be found. The site will be updated regularly to include any policy changes and with information regarding upcoming activities.

We are working on holding some virtual winter socials on-line so please keep your eye on the website and Facebook for further information.

Keep safe and have fun.