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In light of the government’s latest announcement I thought it appropriate to write to you all regarding our position as a club. Firstly there has been some positive news, as under the governments small business support scheme we have been allocated financial support to offset the potential lost revenue caused by having to cease business at our huts and this means we will be able to carry out planned maintenance work at both huts which we thought we would  have to defer due to the lost revenue.

Yesterday’s announcement that some restrictions are being lifted may have resulted in many members wondering if this means that we can now head for the hills and possibly call in at the huts.  Our position on this is that the huts will remain closed until further notice and until we receive clear advice from the BMC.  Regarding heading for the hills, the BMC is still awaiting more clarity before they issue their guidance and in the meantime we think it prudent to advise members to act with caution and avoid the “honey pots” regarding walking venues.  The virus is still here and the majority of our membership whether we like to admit or not, fall in the vulnerable category.  The North West is still one of, if not the hot spot regarding the virus in England and the Cumbrian tourist board are still pleading with us all to stay away for now.

The good news is that we can take longer walks a little further away from home so with a little planning I am sure members can plan some good days out, but please consider the feelings of residents in any area your choose to visit.  I would still suggest that members refrain from rock climbing for now, certainly until the BMC receive their responses from the government and issue new guidance.

Looking at the latest Facebook traffic most members appear to agree with my sentiments but I felt it prudent to officially message you all to confirm our thinking as a committee.

To summarise; the virus is still out there so please all take care and choose your activities wisely, this is not the best time to need to go to hospital and none of us plan to have an accident.  The huts will remain closed until further guidance allows us to open.

I wish you all well
Dave Hicks FMC Chairman